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Every year during Bike to Work & Wherever Day, the Bicycle Coalition honors organizations that are committed to being bike friendly. Bike Phriendly Business awards are judged on the following criteria:

 Secure bicycle parking
 Bike-supportive employee facilities, such as showers
 Bicycling encouragement program
 Bicycle Commuter Benefits (annual or monthly stipend)
 Bicycling culture in the office (regular commuters, listserv for employees to connect, riding club,
support network for new riders)
 Business Member, Discount Partner or sponsor of the Bicycle Coalition
 Bicycle Coalition membership as a part of employment perks

Last year’s winners were Earthjustice, Urban Engineers, and Tattooed Mom.

Earthjustice, a premier nonprofit environmental law organization, whose Philadelphia office contains the coal division, held a month-long bike challenge called “Bicycoal Brigade.” This challenge got every Philadelphia staff member as well as some Coal Program colleagues in other offices to cycle, when typical employee cycling rates are about a third.

Urban Engineers, a multidisciplinary planning, design, environmental, and construction support services consulting firm headquarted in Philadelphia, sponsored the 2018 Vision Zero conference, and sent many employees to the event. It was named as one of the top 25 companies for cyclists in the country by Bicycling Magazine, designed an exclusive, secure area adjacent to their office for employees to park their bicycles, and designed a fitness center with a changing room and showers.

Tattooed Mom, a community favorite South Street institution, has hosted many bike community events, and generously supports the Bicycle Coalition’s work. Tattooed Mom’s provides its employees indoor space to park their bikes, and half of its employees cycle to work!

Previous years’ winners include:
2017- Azavea, BuLogics, NV5, and the University of Pennsylvania
2016- Project H.O.M.E. and TicketLeap

Own or work for a bike friendly business?

Apply for the 2019 Bike Phriendly Business Award here.

Diana steif


In the small, hilly New Jersey town she grew up in, biking was mostly viewed as a recreational activity. But for Diana, it was her mode of transportation to and from school – at least until she got her driver’s license. Then her bike stood idle until she moved to Philadelphia some 15 years ago. Following her Masters at Drexel, Diana worked with the Fairmount Park Commission on green space initiatives, completed her tenure with the Peace Corps, and then found her home at the Bicycle Coalition. She has transitioned from the Bicycle Coalition’s advocacy ground game to her current role in the managerial staff. A longtime resident of West Philly, Diana spends her time split between work, her family, her garden, learning new culinary masterpieces, hiking in the Catskill Mountains, and introducing her son to the joys of biking (with a helmet of course).

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