Last week, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) completed its new wayfinding project on the Delaware River Trail (DRT) at Frankford Ave. adjacent to the Rivers Casino. This eye-catching wayfinding was an early action project of the Frankford Avenue Connector which seeks to improve the pedestrian experience of Frankford Ave. from Girard Ave. to the river.

Map provided by DRWC

The new Frankford Ave. meeting point was in response to consistent community feedback noting that the route of the DRT through Rivers Casino was illegible, and people were unaware of how it connected to the larger Circuit Trails network. PORT Urbanism designed the meeting point to match future elements such as the I-95 underpass Sigh Wall and the large surface-mounted thermoplastic wayfinding discs help neighbors and visitors better curate their visit to the waterfront.

In 2022, DRWC was successful in securing funding from the Penn Treaty Special Services District to fabricate and install the custom-built bench and thermoplastic wayfinding discs. The bench was fabricated by Landscape Forms Studio 431 and contains a backlit map panel depicting the nearby DRT, the SEPTA Girard station, Penn Treaty Park and Cherry Street Pier. There will be one final thermoplastic wayfinding disc installed where the Penn Street segment meets Rivers.

All images, maps and information on this new project was provided by DRWC. The Bicycle Coalition would like to acknowledge DRWC’s appreciation of the assistance and support provided by Rivers Casino, the Penn Treaty Special Services District and the William Penn Foundation, who supported the original Frankford Avenue Connector design.

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