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On Saturday, April 14, members of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will gather at Southwark School in South Philadelphia for Equipando Familias en Bicicleta, a new family bicycling rental program funded by PECO.

The program is meant to help families who want to ride together in a safe, and fun way.

“The program helps moms and dads who are in need of assistance for bicycle equipment,” says Brenda Hernandez-Torres, the Bicycle Coalition’s Community Liaison. “The program will also have workshops and bike rides for families.”

The program helps mothers and fathers who need assistance to buy bicycle equipment to be able to take their children safely and reliably. Items such as Bicycle seats for children, bike trailers and tagalong bikes will all be handed out to families this weekend.

The Bicycle Coalition has partnered with Southwark School to start this “Rent-to-Own” library program, where parents can make monthly payments and purchase any item for a everyday use. The program also to includes a series of riding workshops such as urban riding basics, bike rodeos and community rides.

“I’m excited because this is a program that was expanded over the last year,” says Hernandez-Torres. “We created this program with six bilingual trainers and will ensure more families will be able to ride together in Philadelphia.”

The Bicycle Coalition’s first order includes two bike seats, two trailers and a tagalong bike. At least two families we’ve been working with will have them on Saturday and, based on demand, we will order new options through the PECO-funded program on Monday.

Not all the rides are scheduled, yet, but we plan on putting them together over the next couple months. A Learn to Ride class, though, will happen on April 18 at 5th and Washington. At that class, the families receiving the equipment will learn how to use the attachments to ride together.

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