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Lawrence Hopewell Trail

On June 22nd, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Board selected the recipients of the 2017 NJ DOT Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).

A total of eight projects received funding. Of those, three Circuit projects were included.

North Camden Waterfront Park
Development Project
Camden City

This will be new parkland along with a trail adjacent to the newly opened Coopers Poynt Park in North Camden.

Lawrence Hopewell Trail
Mt. Rose Segment
Hopewell Township

This project will be the next phase of the newly opened Mount Rose Preserve section of the Lawrence and Hopewell Trail, which is now more than 80 percent complete.

Camden County Grove Street Trail
Camden County

The Grove St. connector trail will replace 0.4 mile rutted section of the Cooper River Trail.

It will improve the connection between N Park Drive in Cooper River Park, the Grove St. bike lanes in Haddonfield and the recently rehabilitated trail at the edge of Maria Barnaby Greenwald Memorial Park.

Also in Camden County, Gloucester Township was awarded $284,000 to finish the last phase (phase XI) of the Gloucester Township Health and Fitness Trail as part of the State of New Jersey Local Aid Program.

Traditionally Local Aid funds were dedicated to rehabilitating local streets but this year NJ DOT strongly suggested that bicycle and pedestrian projects were also good candidates for funding.

Last year the Township received $170,000 from the state’s Bikeways program for phase X of the trail.

That project was put out for bid in March and if everything goes well construction for phase X should begin shortly.

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