Volunteer Lindsey shows off her bike

In honor of our current Member Drive, we’re highlighting some of the amazing community members that we’re proud to count as Bicycle Coalition members. We hope you’ll see yourself in their stories, and learn some great local biking tips from them.

Today we’re excited to shout-out Lindsey Graham, who has been a member since 2012!

Name: Lindsey Graham

Where do you bike?
Mostly in Center City, West Philly, and South Philly. Sometimes I will venture further out and take the ride to Valley Forge and Phoenixville. I do like to bike the Delaware Canal Towpath whenever I can get up there. The Pennypack Park Trail is nice too.

What’s your favorite thing about biking in our region?
I love how diverse and inclusive cycling is in Philadelphia. I have found warmth and belonging within several cycling groups, especially the WBPHL group.

What’s your favorite local route?
The Schuylkill River Trail. It was the first route I rode when I moved to the city in 2011. I still love letting my hair catch the wind as I’m picking up speed along the trail. It brings me joy that so many other Philadelphians walk, run, roll, skate, and bike along the trail as well. Seeing all the greenspace along the river is calming and a welcome temporary escape from the sights and sounds of a concrete jungle.

Name your favorite bike accessory.
My hamburger-shaped bike bell. I used to have a Disney Princess bell and a Liberty Bell (haha, get it?). I love a novelty bike bell with a nice ring to it.

What’s your favorite on-bike or post-bike snack?
I always have water with me, and if I remember I’ll stash some trail mix in my bag for a pick me up while riding.

Why did you join the Bicycle Coalition?
I joined the Coalition during my academic years and ended up instructing introductory bicycle safety courses via the Women Bike PHL [now WBPHL] group. I was motivated to support the individuals who expressed interest in riding safely around the region but felt a bit unsure or uncomfortable. I wanted them to feel comfortable riding in the city by becoming informed, assertive, and responsible riders – I missed out on this opportunity when I was a new cyclist to Philadelphia. It is important to me that we all have safe and fun bicycle journeys, and I am happy to support and represent the Coalition in their mission. I also appreciate the tireless advocacy efforts led by the Coalition and their collaboration with oTIS to make our streets safe and enjoyable for everyone.


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