On Thursday, October 4, 2018, the Bicycle Coalition will be celebrating three of the Greater Philadelphia region’s champions for the cycling community at our Fifth Annual Gala and Awards Dinner. It’s going to be a great party, and we’d love to have you there to help us cheer on our honorees as we raise money for the Bicycle Coalition and the youth cycling program. Here’s a sneak peek at our honorees and the impact they’ve made in our local cycling community.

Youth Cycling Award Winner: Caitlin Thompson

Bicycle Coalition

Founder of the Philadelphia Chapter of Little Bellas, Caitlin did her first century (100K) ride in support of HIV research as a 17 year old, and has been manifesting change through cycling ever since. She’s a member of Team Laser Cats, a team focused on creating cycling prowess through mentorship in the w/t/f/nb community.  Earlier this year she helped launch Saul High School’s BCYC mountain bike team, and is pictured above coaching for Little Bellas, a mountain bike program for girls ages 8 to 12.


At our Gala on October 4th, she’ll be presented with our Youth Cycling Award by Jeremy Powers, a fellow educator and four-time national cyclocross champion.

Bicycle Coalition

Jeremy conducting a cyclocross clinic with our youth cycling team in 2017.


Connect the Circuit Award Winner: Michael DiBerardinis

Bicycle Coalition“Mike D.” as he is known to many Philadelphians, began community organizing in Kensington in 1974. He’s served as chief of staff for Congressman Thomas Folgietta, Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources under Governor Rendell, and assumed the role of City Managing Director under Mayor Kenney in 2016. He played a key role in the creation of the Schuylkill River Trail system.

As Commissioner of the Department of Parks and Recreation, DiBerardinis raised over $34 million in government grants, philanthropic funding and private partnerships; oversaw the merger of the Fairmount Park Commission and the Department of Recreation; renovated City-owned ice skating rinks; restored summer swimming season at all public pools and expanded outdoor recreation offerings.

Few Philadelphians have done so much to enhance cycling opportunities in our region, as such, he is being presented with our Connect the Circuit award.

Bicycle Coalition

Cutting yet another ribbon, our city’s managing director is pictured at the launch of four new drinking stations along the Schuylkill River Trail in 2016.


Maguire Award Winner: the Philadelphia Eagles & Don Smolenski

Sharing a commitment to recreational opportunities in our city are the Philadelphia Eagles. Founded in 1933, the club more recently has played a key role in our region with their internationally recognized environmental and philanthropic programs. They have continually provided new opportunities to young people in our community, including their support of the Bicycle Coalition’s Youth Cycling team for nearly a decade. This year they launched the Eagles Autism Challenge and introduced thousands of cyclists to the joys of urban biking.

Bicycle Coalition


Accepting the Maguire Award on the Eagles’ behalf is their President Don Smolenski, who’s been with the club since 1998 as a great teammate of this World Champion organization.

Honoring the whole Philadelphia Eagles team reminds us that much of our work is only possible through collaboration and teamwork. Our supporting teams like Philadelphia Triathlon Club will have their own table at the Gala, and we’d love to see your team there too! Email amanda@bicyclecoalition.org for your team discount code.

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