Lor Song (He/Him) is the newest member of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s policy team, coming on board as our new Transportation Community Organizer. Lor comes from a first-generation Hmong family that immigrated to the United States in 1975. As a West Philly native, he built his roots as a breakdancer (BBoy) in Philadelphia and eventually made it onto MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season two with Phresh Select.

He taught at the Barnes Foundation for a program called Pictures & Words, a free education program offered to all schools in the Philadelphia region, which teaches third-graders literacy and storytelling through Breaking and Barnes’s collection of visual art while working as a bike messenger in Philadelphia. In 2020, Lor began his transition from arts education to bicycling education as a Community Liaison with the Better Bike Share Partnership here at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

Now in a new year and a new role, Lor continues his mobility advocacy as the BCGP’s Transportation Community Organizer. The Transportation Community Organizer is a brand new position that the BCGP has created and has been wanting to offer for several years.

The TCO will be managing and connecting with local Philadelphia communities about how to create safer streets in all Philadelphia neighborhoods. He will be working directly with community members to maximize safety and equity for all. Lor also plans on organizing closely with Families for Safe Streets of Greater Philadelphia (FSSGP), a local chapter of a national movement that confronts traffic violence and its epidemic of tragic injuries and deaths.

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