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The Streets Department recently noted they are closing the pedestrian gates at Race and Locust Streets along Schuylkill Banks. If you commute via the Schuylkill River Trail, or plan on using it in the coming days (or weeks … we don’t have a good time frame yet as to how long they’ll be closed), please plan accordingly. Streets said in a press release that the gates need to be repaired and are being closed for safety purposes.

PHILADELPHIA – Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams announced today the CSX gates at the Schuylkill River Trail are closed in both directions. The electric gate on the Race Street side is not working properly causing an unsafe condition. For the safety of trail usersthe Streets Department has shut down the entire crossing including the gate on Locust Street side. The gates on both sides will be closed until repairs can be made.

To access the bike trail, citizens are urged to use the access ramp at Market Street, the access point on Martin Luther King Drive across from the Art Museum, access stairs at Walnut St, or the pedestrian bridge in Schuylkill River Park just south of Locust St.

Notice will be sent when the gates are repaired and reopened. The Streets Department thanks citizens in advance for their patience and cooperation during the repairs.

We followed up with the Streets Department about a potential timeline, and were unable to get one. “An emergency contract has to be issued to replace parts needed for repair and then the repairs will have to be completed to open,” we were told. We will share more information about this issue as we get it.

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