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The new West Chestnut Street parking-protected bike lane was officially opened on Tuesday, August 29, and has already made commuting to work, school, and shopping safer for people who live in West Philadelphia. It has also led to some confusion and anger amongst residents who are not used to the new street configuration, yet.

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell used her time at Tuesday’s press conference to express her displeasure with the calls, emails, and letters she’s been getting from some local residents, going so far as to vow to make the bike lane temporary — even though she created the ordinance that resulted in the construction of the permanent lane.

That’s why we need your help. Have you ridden the lane yet? Do you like it? If so, let Councilwoman Blackwell know she did the right thing by approving Philadelphia’s first one-way parking-protected bike lane in West Philadelphia. It took six years of advocacy to get this far.

Click here to use our email system to send Blackwell a message expressing how important safe bike lanes are to  you — whether you’re a bicycle commuter, a pedestrian, or a motor vehicle user.

Or, send her an email directly from your account: 

Email not really your style? Give her a call. Blackwell’s office number is (215) 686-3418.

Call and let her know this bike lane is a positive step for all Philadelphia residents who want to be able to bike safely.

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