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Bikin’ Blazers Cycling Club

Kenneth Louis is the co-founder of Bikin’ Blazers Cycling Club. Along with co-founder Diona Cobb, Kenneth has been leading the club for over 31 years. He had always had a love for bicycling and after meeting Diona through local and organized rides, they decided to start Bikin’ Blazers. Kenneth describes what he loves about this community:  

“Having a group of people with a similar interest in the benefits of cycling as a group activity is a definite plus, and it adds positive results towards your overall health.”

Kenneth says that with increasing awareness of the need for inclusivity and equity in the cycling world, there’s been a boom in Black and POC cyclists: “I have seen the growth of black and other minority cyclists in the cycling community both locally and throughout organized rides in different states.”

Bikin’ Blazers Cycling Club is club for any and everybody who has a passion for the two wheels and road itself.

“For what we are — which is a cycling club of like minded adults who enjoy cycling, attending cycling events — as well as the fellowship that comes with being a member. Membership with the BBCC is not restricted to people of color. Membership is open to anyone with a positive outlook about cycling with a group of like minded adults.”

Learn more about Bikin’ Blazers on their website

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