Our new I Love Riding My Bike interview series talks to riders from around the region about the best parts of biking where they live, their dream bikes, their favorite places to ride and more. This series is modeled after the I Love Riding In the City series, published in Urban Velo from 2007-2014. 

Bike in Philly

Ed Chang photographed by Lora Reehling

Name and pronouns:  Ed Chang he/him

Current bike: Specialized Shiv (triathlon), Wilier Cento1NDR (road), Cannondale Slate (gravel)

Dream bike (if you have one): Wilier 0 SLR

Where do you live and what’s it like riding around there? 

I live in Delaware County, and the riding is quite nice in the suburbs, especially as you go further west out towards Chester County, and north towards Bucks County (see the annual Bucks County Covered Bridges ride). Local traffic can be a little hectic at times, but I enjoy riding early weekend mornings to avoid the heaviest car volume.

What do you love about biking in the Philly region? 

I love riding the bucolic roads, farmland and open spaces in Chester, Bucks, and Lancaster Counties. We are very lucky to have such a strong cycling and triathlon community in this region. I enjoy seeing friends and fellow athletes while running, biking and walking the local Circuit Trails and roads.

What’s your favorite city to ride in (or your favorite place to ride) and why? 

Philly is my favorite of course! I actually don’t have much experience riding in other cities, but the Greater Philadelphia region has so many miles of accessible Circuit Trails, and many beautiful local routes to ride.

What else do you want to tell us about yourself, your bike riding, your love for Philly, etc.? 

I starting riding really just to train for triathlons, but over the years I’ve also grown to love road and gravel riding as I’ve explored different routes with my cycling friends. However, my favorite is still racing on my TT bike, which feels like mobile meditation. While racing on closed roads, all other thoughts are pushed out of my mind, with the sole focus on the now. As Robin Williams once said, “riding a bicycle is the closest you can get to flying.”

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