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There will be two hearings in City Council next week about transportation safety, and we invite you to come out to both. And, if you’re interested, in testifying publicly.


The first, on Monday, June 4, will discuss new changes to Spruce and Pine Street in Center City, Philadelphia. The city has agreed to repave Spruce and Pine Streets this year, given the streets themselves have become decrepit and the bike lanes have been faded to virtually nothing over the years. Of course, there was also a tragic death on Spruce Street

In response, the city said it will repave the street, move the bike lane to the left side of the street, and add protection at the intersections. We support these changes in the short term and, once they are complete, will continue working for a more comfortable ride on these important, well-used streets in the city.

The hearing will begin at 1pm in City Council Chambers. We invite everyone who is available, to come out to the hearing, bring signs, and tell City Council that you support a safer, more comfortable, Spruce and Pine.

If you’re interested in testifying at the hearing, please email Councilman Mark Squilla’s legislative assistant, Sean McMonagle, at this link.

If you decide to testify, please be aware that you have to submit your testimony by June 1.

RSVP on Facebook here.

Sign the Spruce-Pine petition here.

Vision Zero

Then, on June 6 at 1pm, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown is holding a hearing about the city’s Vision Zero plan.

The Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems will discuss all aspects of the Vision Zero Action Plan, including its goals, and give City Council a progress report, including next steps for the city.

We invite you to come out to City Council on Wednesday and show your support for Vision Zero in Philadelphia, a plan first adopted by Mayor Jim Kenney at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s mayoral forum in 2015.

You can show support by attending and/or testifying. We are inviting anyone who wants to testify to Council to do so. Please contact Julian Thompson if you are interested in testifying about Vision Zero in Philadelphia.

RSVP on Facebook here.

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