Mayor Kenney and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage us to get fresh air and exercise even while we stay at home. 

Here are some important tips for riding your bicycle safely and responsibly during the pandemic.  Keep in mind that some localities have closed their parks and trails or have limited available services.  Check before you head out. 

  • Wear a mask or cloth covering over your face.
  • Avoid riding in groups. Solo riding is encouraged.
  • Maintain a safe distance between yourself and others while you ride and pass others. Practice social distancing.
  • Know your options for a less crowded route by accessing these lesser used trails and our RideWithGPS library (available to Bicycle Coalition members).
  • Change up your cycling time to avoid peak trail capacity.
  • When passing pedestrians or runners, give ample room and announce yourself.
  • Avoid hard training on the trails. Do this on a trainer at home if you need to.
  • As with regular riding, if you feel conditions are hazardous, dismount and get away from trouble. 
  • Be considerate of those who are essential workers and still commuting. Stay at home if you are able.
  • If you are sick or feel susceptible, don’t ride!
  • Wash your hands after your ride.
  • Be aware of the risks you assume and how they may impact others. If you are not a confident rider (and even if you are), you may get injured. The healthcare system is taxed right now, so getting care for an injury is not easy like it was before COVID-19. Think about trying an at-home workout led by a member of our local cycling community instead.

For more information, read these articles by Bicycling Magazine, USA Cycling, and Rails to Trails Conservancy.

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