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Experts affirmed in the New York Times that getting outside for a walk or bike ride is safe as long as you maintain at least six feet from others. That’s good news for cyclists, as we have the go-ahead to continue getting fresh air and exercise on our bikes.

However, if you’re used to cross-training in a gym, or find yourself unable to get a ride in, you may be looking for other ways to integrate some movement into your day.

Here are our recommendations for indoor activities hosted by fellow cyclist friends to try while social distancing.

Paid / Donation-Based Workouts

If you find yourself not financially impacted by the global pandemic, we recommend supporting those who have been hit financially. It’s a stressful time even without concerns about money, so we want to help out our community members. Here are some paid workouts you can do to spread the love:

  • Train With Adrienne: A beloved member of the local cycling community, Adrienne Mauro, has launched a YouTube channel with workouts. While technically YouTube is a free platform, we highly encourage you to support her by contributing via Venmo (@Adrienne-Mauro).
  • Zoom Yoga With Anisha: Some of you may have done yoga with Anisha on Bikeout, at Studio 34 Yoga, and/or at Three Queens Yoga. While you’re social distancing, you can do yoga with Anisha on Zoom! You can sign up for these virtual classes on Three Queens Yoga’s website or join the Studio 34 Yoga Zoom calls listed on Instagram (follow @anishachirmule for details), then pay via Venmo or CashApp.
  • City Fit Girls Strength Club: City Fit Girls is an amazing community started by Takia McClendon and Kiera Smalls (you may recognize Kiera’s name, as she was part of the launch team for Indego). They offer amazing at-home workouts that are accessible for beginners, affordable, and don’t require much equipment. It’s only $10/month, and that gives you access to an encouraging community as well. Join Strength Club here.

Free Workouts

If you are a person who has been financially impacted by the current public health crisis, you too can access virtual workouts to maintain your physical and mental health. Here are our recommendations:

  • Another member of the local cycling community, Morgan Gerace, is offering free guided yoga practices via Instagram Live. Follow Gerace Yoga (@geraceyoga) to join in!
  • Yoga with Adriene is a fan favorite for a reason; this at-home yoga practice is super accessible and there are tons of free videos to choose from. Check it out here.

Note: Public health recommendations around mitigating the spread of COVID-19 may be subject to change. This content may not reflect the current recommendations. For current recommendations around social distancing and outdoor activity, please check the CDC website.

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