Bicycle Coalition
On June 4, City Council will hold hearings about Spruce and Pine Streets in Center City, Philadelphia. If you use Spruce and Pine, your participation is vital. We are encouraging all bicyclists who use these important streets to come to the hearing at any point between 1pm and 4pm on June 4 to show your support for making them safer in 2018. Right now, we are supporting:

1) Flipping the bike lanes from the right to the left, 2) Protecting the street’s intersections, 3) Re-purposing the meter polls into bike parking, 4) Changing “No Parking” to “No Stopping” at least during rush hours, to guarantee motorists are not allowed to park in the bike lane during the most-trafficked times.

We’re advocating for these changes to be made in 2018 because they will make the street safer for everyone and more bike-friendly. Once these changes are made, we will continue advocating for a safer, more comfortable ride on Spruce and Pine Streets.

Bring yourself. Bring signs. Support safer cycling and streets for all.

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