Children and adult biking along the temporary protected bike lane during day of demonstration.

West Chester demos what a protected bike lane could look like, if HB 792 passes.

The Pennsylvania Senate is in session for seven more days in 2019, and if we want to get House Bill 792 passed before the end of the year, it’s imperative we keep the pressure on our legislators.

House Bill 792 would allow for more protected bike lanes to be built in Pennsylvania and is one of the contributing factors behind cities and towns—from Philadelphia, to West Chester, to Lancaster, to Harrisburg, to Pittsburgh—not being able to protect their people who ride bikes and people who travel via a mode other than private motor vehicle.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Bike Pittsburgh, and numerous organizations all over Pennsylvania have been advocating for this legislation since January. (In the previous session, the bill passed in the House, but died in the Senate in 2018).  In the Spring, after a positive House Transportation Committee vote, the legislation passed the full House, 200 votes to 1.

Then, it moved to the Senate Transportation Committee, where it’s been stalled.

Our members and supporters have done an incredible job keeping the legislation on the Senate’s radar, and bicycle organizations around the state have been working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to get the legislation through the Transportation Committee, and then the full Senate.

We’re going to need your help to do it, though.

We’re making another push, through December 2019, to get HB 792 on the Senate Transportation Committee’s agenda.

Can you help us out? We need as many people as possible to call the Senate leadership, demanding a vote on HB 792. If you can help us out, click here, and join our Protected Bike Lane Action Team.

The Protected Bike Lane Action Team is a group of advocates, like you, who we’ve been calling on to send emails, make calls, and, when possible, join us in person to fight for protected bike lanes legislation in the state Legislature.

Click here to join the Protected Bike Lane Action Team.

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