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HB 792 would make it easier to install bike lanes like this one on N. 13th Street in Philadelphia

Over the last several weeks, many Bicycle Coalition members and supporters have expressed support to the House and Senate Transportation Committees regarding House Bill 792 and Senate Bill 565 — bills which would give cities and towns across Pennsylvania more flexibility to install protected bike lanes on our streets — by sending emails to members of the House and Senate transportation committees.

Well, you were heard.

Last Monday, the House Transportation Committee unanimously voted in favor of HB 792.

Can you call your state representative and tell them to vote in favor of HB 792? 

This is important legislation, and getting it through the House ASAP is an essential step in making this legislation law. Streets like Parkside Ave., Island Ave., 5th Street, and 6th Street, need this legislation to be upgraded.

Click here to find your legislator and their contact information.

When you call, here are some points to include:

  • Hi! I’m a constituent of Representative ____.  I am calling to ask him/her to please vote YES on HB792.
  • Pennsylvania and its cities and towns need the flexibility to design safe bike lanes.
  • HB792 is a technical fix that allow Pennsylvania to make streets safe for everyone.
  • Thank you!

Find your legislator’s phone number and call now.

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