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Philly-based entrepreneur Rachel Benyola has been named to Forbes’ ’30 Under 30’ list for 2018. Benyola was chosen for her innovation in the bicycling industry. Through her company AnneeLondon, she’s been working on a new collapsible bicycle helmet.

The product is not available for purchase, yet. But it will be soon. According to a recent press release,

AnneeLondon’s flagship product, The London, is the first and only modern foldable bike helmet that is stylish, safe, and 100% recyclable. The London easily folds up to the size of an iPad Mini for travel and packing convenience.

Based on initial testing, this pioneering design shows a safety rating 2x more effective than most helmets and unlike existing helmet designs, The London can withstand multiple impacts without loss of safety integrity. The London features patent-pending technology, including a flexible shell and protection system that is breathable, durable and water resistant. The truly unprecedented design features military-grade materials and the life span is double that of the current industry leading helmets.

The Bicycle Coalition recommends riders wear helmets when out on the street. And we’re confident AnneeLondon will help make helmets more convenient and manageable.

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