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Summer is officially here, and for many families that means kiddos who want to get their bikes out and ride — or learn to ride for the first time!

Below are some fun family-centric events taking place this summer, plus resources on teaching your children how to ride a bicycle.

Saturday July 15th: TriYouthalon: Annual Fairmount Park Family Triathlon and Duathlon

Bicycle Coalition

These annual family and youth events put on by our friends Kerri and John at TriYouthalon are a great chance for the family to stay active together!

 The events utilize Philadelphia’s public pools and parks! 

Click here for more information.

 Sunday July 16th: Flyer Charity Classic – 10 mile Family Ride

Bicycle Coalition

Join the Philadelphia Flyers for a new Philadelphia-wide event this July, the Flyers Charity Classic! Hit the street on foot or bike and stay active this summer as families, athletes, and Flyers fans of all ages run, walk, or ride down Broad Street and beyond. There are several events at the Flyers Charity Classic, Click here for more information.

 Saturday August 5th: TriYouthalon: Hunting Park Family Triathlon and Duathlon

If you cannot make the July event in Fairmount Park, or if you have so much fun at the first one that you want to go again, join TriYouthalon for another Family event!

Click here for more information.

 Teaching your children to learn to ride a bicycle is exciting; it can also be a challenging activity. Before you set out to conquer this milestone with your kiddo watch this short video or check out or guide below.

Both of these resources recommend a method that we have seen work and time and time again with kids: first remove the pedals and teach your child to glide and balance; once they have that down, put the pedals back on and teach how to start.

When gliding and balancing are taught first instead of hopping right into pedaling, children gain confidence on their bicycle and pedaling does not feel as daunting.

 If you are interested in biking with your family and want to connect with others who have already traveled that road, consider joining the Kidical Mass Philadelphia Facebook group, where you can stay up-to-date on family biking events and ask questions of folks in the group.



Growing up in Tarrytown, NY, Megan saw biking a form of escapism, a way to clear her head. A bright teal mountain bike served as her steed up and down the Aqueduct Trails that run from Croton to Manhattan (she has yet to bike the whole trail but has her eye on it). Megan made the move to Philadelphia in 2016. Having never owned a car in New York, biking immediately became her primary mode of transportation and she is thrilled to be able to work with the Bicycle Coalition to improve biking conditions around the county. Megan lives in Kensington with her large orange cat, Joey, and her fabulous roommates.

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