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A person rides the snowy Schuylkill River Trail (Image:

A person rides the snowy Schuylkill River Trail (Image:

Hey. Remember earlier this week, Tuesday, when it was super cold out? We asked some of our followers on social media for some tips dealing with it while riding a bike. They delivered. And here’s the blog.

Well. Now, literally thousands of articles have been written about a coming snowstorm, set to hit the ground any time between 5pm and 9pm tonight, and continuing through tomorrow morning, or tomorrow afternoon.

So, we have even more tips for you from our online community on Twitter. Beginning with avid cyclist and the City of Philadelphia’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Jeannette Brugger:

For the very cold, very windy, very snowy times, full face coverage may be the way to go.

A great piece was written by Steve Tayor at Philly Voice about “winterizing” your bike. Check it out below:

And then there’s this. I can vouch that it works:

Of course, sometimes the simplest advice is the best:

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