Bike in Philly

Znetta A. & Gil S., two participants in the Bike Match Network

The Philadelphia region has yet another resource for connecting folks with free bikes during the COVID-19 pandemic — DVRPC’s Greater Philadelphia Bike Match Program.

The Bike Match Network is a national initiative of bike shops and advocacy organizations connecting essential workers with donated bikes in ready-to-ride condition. DVRPC has signed on as the organizing partner for Greater Philadelphia because they are “hoping to assist essential workers and those caring for others share in the opportunity to bicycle to their activities.”

How GreaterPHLBikeMatch works:

  1. If you have a bike or need a bike, click here to donate it or here to request one.
  2. If you match with someone nearby, the Bike Match Network will send you an email with a suggested public location for the exchange.
  3. The two of you then determine a time to meet and exchange the bicycle (Don’t forget to observe cleaning and social distancing guidelines!)
  4. Take a picture and send it to and post it online with #greaterphlbikematch
  5. Have a happy (and safe) ride!

Email if you need help or have questions.

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