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Gloucester Health and Fitness Trail in Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

On December 5th, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) Board approved more than $2 Million in CMAQ funds for the construction of two Circuit Trails Projects in New Jersey. The projects were part of DVRPC’s Competitive CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation Air Quality) program.

These are federal dollars allocated to Metropolitan Planning Organizations for projects that reduce emissions from transportation sources. In addition to harmful pollutants that directly affect public health, transportation emissions are also the largest contributor to greenhouse gases in the US.

In 2017 DVRPC’s New Jersey Technical Subcommittee promise to set aside at least one million dollars for construction ready CMAQ funds as part of the adoption of the 2018-2021 NJ Transportation Improvement Program.

$1,214,400 CMAQ for the construction of the Maidenhead Meadows Trail
Maidenhead Meadows is a County park that a missing link in the Lawrence Hopewell Trail in Mercer County.

This trail will parallel Princeton Pike and offer a safer alternative to the road, which has minimal bike lanes and a 45 mph speed limit.

Image of Maidenhead Meadows Trail formerly known as the Dyson Tract.

In red, the Maidenhead Meadows Trail, formerly known as the Dyson Tract.

$958,500 CMAQ for the construction of the Gloucester Township Health and Fitness Trail from Oak Avenue to Evesham Road.
This will complete the trail in the township and is part of the proposed Gloucester-Mt. Ephraim Trail.

This segment will terminate about 1/4 mile from the south end of the John Balis Bike Path in Runnemede, but it will be connected by neighborhood streets. The total length of bikeable miles will extend from 3.4 miles to 5.2 miles.

Gloucester Health and Fitness Trail

Gloucester Health and Fitness Trail

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