Delaware River Trail Design Public Meeting on Wednesday

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Bicycle Coalition

The Delaware River Waterfront will host a public meeting on Wednesday, July 10 at the Cherry Street Pier, where designs and renderings for the Central Delaware trail will be unveiled and discussed.

The Bicycle Coalition has advocated for a trail along the Delaware River, and the Central Delaware portion of the trail will provide essential transportation (and recreation) for cyclists and pedestrians.

As most people who use Delaware Avenue and Columbus Boulevard by bicycle already know, nearly all people in motor vehicles travel at high, illegal speeds on those roads.

Sections of Delaware Avenue and Columbus Boulevard are part of the city’s High-Injury Network and are in need of the sorts of changes the project will likely produce.

“This project entails the reconstruction of the eastern edge of Columbus Boulevard to accommodate a fully separated bi-directional multi-use trail; a concrete pedestrian footway from Washington Avenue to Spring Garden Street; a planted zone between vehicles and bicyclists; and solar lights that will further offset the asphalt from concrete,” notes the press release for this meeting. “[T]his trail will also link to our improved Washington Avenue Connector as well as sections of trail currently under construction south of Penn Treaty Park and near Pier 70. This project also supports DRWC’s interest in expanding non-motorized and transit connections to our waterfront amenities.”

While being useful to cyclists and pedestrians who want to safely use the trail for fun on weekends, when complete, the Delaware River Trail will also be useful for cyclists getting to and from Northeast Philadelphia, the Riverwards, and South Philadelphia for transportation purposes — similar to how the Schuylkill River Trail is used for daily transportation for people commuting by bicycle to and from Northwest Philadelphia and Center City.

We encourage everyone who can make it to stop by the Cherry Street Pier, 121 N. Columbus Boulevard, any time from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday, July 10.

See the full press release here.

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  1. Zur

    Hey! Learn to write in neutral voice to avoid biased posts. Drivers see cyclist totally ignore red lights and stop signs all day but in this article you do the whole “I mean they all speed so fuck them” thing. Like we know people do both so you saying it makes you look like an limited asshole. I feel bad helping you, as this may stop you from writing such poorly phrased and grammatically incorrect “blog posts” where you let yu bias lay out like a fat driver who drives around all day instead of just understanding how much better it is to ride on you bike all day. Those fat lazy fucks. See! this is an example of bias that made me lose the reader. Biking is for poor people and they rationalize it as everyone else is an asshole. Nope! You’re just poor and made bad decisions. Have fun with wet ass and the other riding ” things we all just don’t talk about”. I mean your kids will totally respect you just riding out there like some primitive. You helped save their world. .


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