Bicycle Coalition

A person on a bicycle was struck and killed yesterday at the intersection of Street Road and Central Avenue in Lower Southampton Township in Bucks County.

He was hit by a rental van that turned left onto Central across his path, apparently during a signal change. was live on the scene of the crash. Its coverage indicated that it is not clear who was at fault in the crash.

Local police urge anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call 215.357.1235.

Bicycle Coalition staff called the police, and were told that no reports or further comments would be available until the District Attorney issues a report, which could take “weeks to months.” We will keep in touch with Lower Southampton Police, and will update this post when further information becomes available.

While it is not clear who is at fault in this crash, much can be done to make this intersection — and many others like it in the region — safer for non-motorized users. A safer intersection may not have saved this cyclist’s life, but each time a cyclist or pedestrian dies on our roadways, it brings to light the unfortunate cost of mobility for too many vulnerable road users.

Update: a GoFundMe campaign has been created to benefit the victim’s family.

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