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Last weekend, the CYC Race Team, made up of our most elite athletes, competed in the 11th Annual Tour de Millersburg Stage Race, which consists of three parts: time trial, a road race, and a criterium. There were no junior categories at this event, which meant that CYC athletes competed alongside adult cat 4 and 5 cyclists.

The CYC men completed an 8.6 mile time trial, 56-mile road race, and 35-minute criterium; the CYC women completed an 8.6 mile time trial, a 37-mile road race, and a 30-minute criterium.

Krystal looking fierce during the Millersburg crit.

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“The goal for the weekend,” says Taylor Kuyk-White, CYC’s Program Manager, “was to place emphasis on the youth becoming independent racers. We focused on routines, healthy nutrition, appropriate amounts of rest, and timelines, stressing self-responsibility.”

CYC Youth took care of one another and held each other accountable to self-care, making good choices, and finishing each leg of the race. From pinning one another’s numbers on, to preparing nutritious meals, the CYC family spirit came through!

With two of the three coaches competing in the Tour de Millersburg themselves, CYC athletes depended on one another to keep track of race start times, fueling up, and resting when they could. The weekend was excellent lesson for the youth about what it takes to continue cycling once they graduate high school and move on from CYC.

The CYC race team is supported by financial contributions and cycling mentorship and instruction from QCW and Jerome Jacobs. It is part of CYC’s All Star program, which is sponsored by Capital One and Health Partners Plans.

Cadence Youth Cycling is now Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling. Click here to learn more about the recent changes, and click here to donate.

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