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We’re excited to announce that Cadence Youth Cycling (CYC) will be named Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling (BCYC) moving forward.

For the past decade, our youth cycling program has increased opportunities for hundreds of Philadelphia youth both on and off the bicycle. And thanks to a newly announced commitment of $100,000 from Argent Wealth Management CIO Jerry Jacobs, the program is poised to serve even more, and provide even greater opportunities, including jobs and college support.

When Ryan Oelkers and Jay Snider founded Cadence Cycling Foundation in 2007, they had a vision to increase access to the sport of cycling and for Philadelphia youth from underserved communities.

Bicycle Coalition

Jay Snider (center) with Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling athletes at the 2017 BCGP Gala

That vision has introduced youth to the sport of cycling and also grew into a multifaceted youth development program that teaches youth perseverance and healthy habits, builds community, fosters youth leadership, improves academic success for participants, and much more.

In 2013, The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia began to run the youth cycling program, giving it a slight re-naming of Cadence Youth Cycling, or more commonly known as CYC. The re-naming to “Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling,” or BCYC for short, changes only one thing about the program – and that is a clear affiliation with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

BCYC’s work is directly aligned to the Bicycle Coalition’s mission to make bicycling safe and fun for anyone who wants to ride.

We fulfill the need for safer, more abundant and connected bicycle infrastructure by engaging in local and state advocacy for trail and bike lane funding, as well as policies to protect bicyclists and pedestrians.

The growing network of Circuit Trails and safe on-road routes to those trails are making it easier than ever for youth to feel safe and confident bicycling in and around Philadelphia. The Bicycle Coalition is committed dedicated to running high-quality programming that has positive impacts on Philadelphia youth, especially those from historically underserved neighborhoods.

Our 2020 program strategy outlines ambitious growth in both breadth and depth over the next three years. By 2020, our Core cycling teams will engage 150 youth, our All Star Team will include 50 athletes who participate in cycling and leadership development year-round, and increased academic support. A new college scholarship fund initiated by Jacobs will further ensure that our athletes are supported in their post-high school endeavors.

Bicycle Coalition

Jerry Jacobs (left) has started a scholarship fund for BCYC student athletes

We are excited to continue partnering with you to teach healthy habits, foster independence, and build leadership in youth one ride at time.

If you’d like to help the Bicycle Coalition Run this program, click below to donate.

Bicycle Coalition

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