Bicycle Coalition

On Thursday May 30 from 4-6pm, PennDOT will be presenting its newly updated Bike/Ped Master Plan, and there are several ways to get involved and make sure your input is heard:

  1. Attend the Open House in Harrisburg: 400 North St, Harrisburg PA, 17120 (no RSVP necessary)
  2. Attend a simulcast of the presentation at your PennDOT District office: RSVP here.
  3. Watch the simulcast remotely via this link.

We strongly recommend options 1 or 2. There’s nothing like being there in person to show PennDOT how many people really care about better biking and walking in their communities!

A few other resources:

BCGP Facebook Event link

PennDOT Bike/Ped Master Plan Homepage

If you live in the Philly area, you’re probably closest to District 6. Otherwise, here’s a complete list of PennDOT district offices: Bicycle Coalition

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