Bicycle Coalition

One block of Race Street conceptual design (will not necessarily look like this)

Three new protected bike lanes will be debated in City Council on Wednesday, February 14. During a meeting of the Committee on Streets and Services, Council will hear testimony on protected bike lanes on Race Street in Center City and Island Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.

We’ve written about both new lanes before, here and here.

The Race Street protected bike lane was originally conceived in a DVRPC report, and is being introduced by Councilman Mark Squilla. His ordinance will create a new lane on Race between 8th Street and 5th Street. Installation of the new lane would remove a travel lane in the eastbound direction of Race and allow commuters and recreational cyclists easier access to the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The second lane being heard on Wednesday is on Island and Enterprise Avenues, between Penrose and Enterprise. The ordinance was introduced by Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. Travel lanes will be removed to accommodate that lane, as well, and the lane itself will both calm traffic and provide airport workers easier access to their jobs.

A third will create a better bicycling connection between two entrances to the Pennypack Trail in Northeast Philadelphia.

We’ll be watching the hearing and members of the Bicycle Coalition will be testifying, as well.

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