Red dots indicate locations of new delineator posts to be placed on the eastbound bike lane

Street projects are getting underway due to the warm weather.  In addition to green paint that appeared Tuesday on the Ben Franklin Parkway, CHOP announced in an email earlier this week that it would restore the green paint and install bollards on the South Street Bridge starting this week (subject to weather and contractor availability.)

We learned the following details from the Streets Department & CHOP.

  • Twelve (12) delineator posts will be placed along the eastbound bike lane approaching the garage driveway The first 8 are spaced every 8’ and the remaining are spaced every 12’-15’.
  • Both bike lanes (eastbound & westbound) will be re-painted green between the new garage & 27th Street.
  • The paint in the bike lane damaged during construction to create a lane shift will be restored.
  • When the garage does open, the pedestrian signal at the garage entrance will be video activated.   We do not have a date for when CHOP’s garage is expected to open.

The bike lanes on both sides of the bridge from the garage to 27th Street will be painted green.

Damaged green paint due to construction will be repaired.


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