As we close out Latinx Heritage Month, we’re proud to celebrate the cultures, contributions and resilience of Latinx, Hispanic and Latino-identified communities around the world by highlighting the incredible work of the Latinx folks at the Bicycle Coalition.

Following the lead of the Human Rights Campaign, we’re using the term Latinx rather than Hispanic or Latino to represent the identities of non-binary, gender non-conforming and gender-expansive people. Latinx also centers the lives of indigenous, Brazilian and other non-Spanish speaking people in this celebration. To read more about Latinx Heritage Month (also known as Hispanic Heritage month), check out Milagros Chirinos’ piece More Than One Word, More Than One Heritage.

Bike in Philly

Stephanie Fenniri, Bicycle Coalition Deputy Director


How do you identify?

Mexican American, Latinx

What are you most proud of as a Latinx individual?

My Mexican work ethic, being bilingual, and my ability to navigate a variety of multicultural environments and create meaningful connections with others.

How do you see your Latinx identity transforming cycling in Philly?

I’m a natural advocate for BIPOC cycling communities because I feel the need to advocate for my peers. As a Latina, I’m probably a little louder and more insistent than most, but that could be my own personal bias.

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