Bicycle Coalition

In a recent segment, CBS Philly asked Randy LoBasso of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia; and Ronald Blount, a professional taxi driver in Philadelphia and organizer; to participate in an on-street study of cyclists’ and drivers’ behavior and talk about places where cyclists and drivers agree.

For the story, CBS asked me (Randy) and Ron to take a drive with a CBS news crew as we scoped out the streets and talked about what makes cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, safe, and what doesn’t.

Oddly enough, Ron and I seemed to agree on most things — especially the idea that giving each form of transportation its own lane (and installing protected bike lanes for cyclists). An organized street free of chaos makes life easier for everyone.

Despite the title — “Why do cyclists keep dying on Philly’s streets?” — the story was not sensational, and provided a lot of good facts for people who travel throughout the city of Philadelphia.


Check out the full report here.

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