Bike in Philly

If you own a business on a street with a bike lane, you can now get a new loading zone installed for free.

Bill NO. 180950 was enacted by the City of Philadelphia in Spring 2019, and exempts the initial $500 fee for businesses that want to create a loading zone if they are located on a street with a bike lane.

Why is this important? Because many Philadelphia bike lanes have become loading and unloading zones for motorists—whether it’s people unloading their groceries, UPS workers unloading their packages, or food distributors doing their thing.

We often hear from the drivers of these vehicles that they block the bike lane because there’s nowhere else to park.

Now, we’re not naïve enough to think that’s true in all cases. But even if it’s true for a few of those cases, more loading zones could potentially help save lives. Better loading and unloading is also good for the city as a whole.

We first introduced this idea to City Council and the PPA in Fall 2018. The legislation would allow for the easier installation of loading zones with the intended purpose of creating spaces for motor vehicles to pull over that does not include the bike lane.

If you’re a business owner on a street with a bike lane, use the below link to get started on your free loading zone.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has told us they are working on updating the loading zone application. Until then, use this application and write in that you’re on a street with a bike lane to get the free loading zone.


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