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From left to right: Waffiyyah Murray (Safe Routes), Amanda Benner (PECO), Megan Rosenbach (Deputy Director, BCGP), Sarah Clark Stuart (Executive Director, BCGP)

Amanda Benner, vice president of the board of directors of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, recently received the Exelon Energy for the Community Volunteer Achievement Award. The award was presented to her at the Exelon’s Community Volunteer Awards ceremony on June 1st.

The awards recognize PECO employees are working to advance communities in Philadelphia and show exceptional commitment to volunteering.

Amanda is the senior Vegetation Management project manager at PECO and has been serving as the vice president for the board of directors at the Bicycle Coalition since 2013. She has supported several BCGP programs such as Cadance Youth Youth Cycling, which provides cycling opportunities for high school students, and Better Bike Share Partnership, which advocates for bike-share programs in low income neighborhoods.

The award Amanda received also included a gift of $10,000, which she is generously providing to BCGP. This will go towards programs she has advocated for, including Safe Routes Philly, a program that promotes biking and walking as a safe, healthy, and fun way for elementary school students to get to school. The award will also help promote bike safety measures around the city of Philadelphia, and will also be used to expand the trail network surrounding the city.

“Amanda has been a tireless advocate for cycling, volunteering and safety education in PECO and in our community,” says Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart. “She brings great enthusiasm to our programs, and the community continues to benefit from her outreach promoting healthy living and bicycle safety for all ages.”

See the video PECO made about Amanda, as she volunteered at the 2016 Ride for Reading, below.

-Marina Stuart

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