Much to our disappointment, SB565 was not brought up for a final vote during the PA Senate’s last three sessions days during the week of July 13. This happened in spite of over 1500 emails sent to Senators all around the Commonwealth asking that the bill be brought up for a third and final vote.

It is so disappointing, because everyday that this bill languishes in Harrisburg, bicyclists are at risk of being injured or killed in Pennsylvania.

SB565 fixes PA’s vehicle code to allow PennDOT and municipalities install parked car protected bike lanes; so that the lane is in between a curb and a parked car.

Between Father’s Day on June 21 and July 22, four bicyclists died on state roads operated and maintained by PennDOT in Philadelphia and Chester County (read more about these folks here, here, here and here). Their deaths were preventable and we are incredibly sad and angry that their lives have been lost. It is shameful that Pennsylvania has such weak traffic safety laws.   

But, the Senate’s non-action will not deter us. We will continue to advocate for a third floor vote when the Senate comes up for a vote in August or September, as we did in today’s Inquirer. And to do that, we will need your continued help and support.

It’s not too late to add your voice to the 1500 others by writing to your Senator today.

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