This. All over Pennsylvania.

There’s never been a better time to support Senate Bill 565. Why? Because it’s t-h-i-s-c-l-o-s-e to passing the full Senate, and t-h-a-t-m-u-c-h-c-l-o-s-e-r to becoming Pennsylvania law!

The legislation, which would allow PennDOT to build parking-protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas in the Commonwealth last made headlines in February 2020, when a people-powered effort to rid the bill of a bad amendment succeeded, and the legislation passed the Senate Transportation Committee, unanimously.

Sponsored by Pennsylvania Senator Larry Farnese of Philadelphia, the legislation for better streets for Pennsylvania’s bicyclists and pedestrians has been through many runs in the state House and Senate. This year, though, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and many of our allies, including Bike Pittsburgh and 5th Square, have advocated and lobbied harder than before, especially since so many protected bike lanes in our cities have been proposed on state-owned streets.

Having now passed the state House, the Senate Transportation Committee, and the Senate Appropriations Committee, the legislation needs a vote in the full Senate before it can be sent back to the House for concurrence votes, then signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf.

But, as with anything we advocate for within government, change doesn’t just happen. It takes advocates — like you — calling your representatives and demanding that change.

Can you take a moment to email your senator and ask that SB 565 come up for a vote on the Senate floor? It only takes a minute, and we’ve set up a portal that allows you to easily find your senator then send them a message.

Find your senator and send a message now.

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