Bike Gloucester Knows How to Kickoff

Gloucester County Engineer Vince Voltaggio gives a trails update

On Tuesday night May 1st, Bike Gloucester County, one of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s newest county affiliate groups, held its kickoff event at Death of the Fox Brewing Company in Clarksboro, New Jersey.

There were more new faces than we could shake a stick at, all enthusiastic for how they can help make the suburban county more bikeable and walkable.

This night also gave us an introduction to Denise “The Machine” Randon. Denise helped us set up the table, immediately taught herself our Square sales app, made herself a member, and set to work getting eight other attendees to do the same. It was a sight to behold:
“$45 for a membership and a t-shirt!”

“I have enough t-shirts.”

“So you’ll take the socks then.”


While Denise was busy growing our movement, Gloucester County Engineer Vince Voltaggio gave a presentation on the status of Gloucester County Trails, including the much-anticipated Rowan University – Ceres Park – Fossil Park Connector, which will be a trail leading right to an active dinosaur dig site. It was a great and inspiring night to be a suburban cycling advocate!

We’ve included pics of the boards that Vince presented below for those trail nerds out there.


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One comment on “Bike Gloucester Knows How to Kickoff

  1. Denise Randon

    Thanks for letting me get involved! I had a great time. This is something every bicyclist should be a part of. I can’t wait to see where this goes and I’m along for the ride!

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