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Attendees of the Bike Delaware County Meeting at the Furness Library on January 18th.

After more than two years as the Chair for Bike Delaware County, Chuck Cruit retired from bicycle advocacy in 2016. Fortunately Tabb Sullivan, a resident of Upper Darby, now runs the show. On January 18th, Bike Delaware County met for the first time in nearly a year at the Furness Library in Wallingford. Guests included Peter Rykard, Assistant Director for Chester City Planning; and Ryan Judge, Senior Planner at the Delaware County Planning Department; and Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Sarah Stuart.

Peter Rykard was up first to talk about Chester City Open Space and Greenways Master Plan. The first meeting on the plan was held this Thursday at Chester City Hall. Several segments of the Chester Creek Trail within the City are currently under study or design.

Ryan Judge spoke about two key elements of the Delaware County 2035 Plan: The County Greenway Plan (adopted in 2015) and County Transportation Plan (currently being developed).

Judge also noted that Phase 1 of the Chester Creek Trail is officially open (and very well used) and that County Officials will plan a grand opening ceremony in the Spring.

Sarah Clark Stuart talked about the Circuit. A new Circuit Trail currently known as the PECO Right of Way.

John Boyle gave a quick overview on the DVRPC Stress Mapping Project. The analysis will evaluate low-stress routes between suburban origins and destinations that do not require cyclists to use roads that exceed their individual stress tolerance nor require undue detours that would significantly lengthen their trip.

The Media bike plan has been adopted by Borough Council and there is talk about organizing a Ciclovia (open streets event) in the Borough. While Open Streets have been more common in large cities smaller communities like New Brunswick NJ have been successful and have helped build support for better bicycle infrastructure.

Peter Puglionesi of Haverford Township reminded everyone that the Western Suburbs Regional Trails Summit will be held on Saturday February 25th between 9AM and 12PM at the Haverford Community Recreation & Environmental Center. The event is free and all are welcome to attend.

Bike Delaware County also has a new Facebook Page.

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