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Athena Contracting, Inc. will be adding Dur-A-Guard pedestrian protection systems to all of its commercial trash and recycling collection vehicles in 2019, to better align the company with the City of Philadelphia’s Vision Zero Initiative.

Dur-A-Guard protection can help protect pedestrians and bicyclists in crashes on the streets.

“As a private locally owned and operated company based in Philadelphia for over 30 years, Athena Contracting, Inc. is committed to public safety in the community that we serve,” said Loretta Mitsos-Panvini, Athena Contracting’s president. “Our continued growth through the support of our friends and neighbors has helped us to take proactive measures to ensure that we continue to operate in the safest possible manner.”

With the help of Councilman Mark Squilla, Athena met with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to talk about its proactive approach to making its trucks safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

“It’s really awesome that Athena is doing this proactively, on their own initiative,” said Sarah Clark Stuart, executive director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. “Side guards, like those being installed on Athena’s trucks, are proven safety measures that, in the event of a crash, can help keep an injury from becoming a fatality.”

Councilman Mark Squilla, who represents the district where Athena Contracting is based, applauded the company.

“I am so grateful to Athena Contracting for being proactive and leading the way to making our shared streets safer for all users,” said Concilman Mark Squilla. “This action shows that private and public interests can be achieved as we work together toward our Vision Zero goals.”

Athena employees will be further discussing their work for truck safety at the 2019 Vision Zero Conference on March 16th at Howard Gittis student center at Temple University.

Athena Contracting, Inc. will have a truck present at the conference with the Dur-A-Guard installation completed for attendees and media to view between 11:00 AM – 11:20 AM, and in between conference sessions.

The Dur-A-Guard has been proven to add an extra level of protection in the event of an interaction between a pedestrian or cyclist, and a large collection vehicle, and meets the U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe Center standards.

“We at Athena Contracting are extremely happy that our trucks will have the Dur-A-Guard protection System installed,” added Loretta Mitsos-Panvini, Athena’s President. “We believe that this is a great step forward in protecting our fellow pedestrians, bicyclists as well as our employees.”

Hear more about Athena’s proactive approach at the 2019 Vision Zero Conference!

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