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Philly Free Streets is coming up on October 28 along 4th Street in Philadelphia. And we want to let you know we’ve got some family-friendly events planned for the morning. They include the Kid Safety Zone, and a Better Bike Share Partnership group ride. Keep reading for descriptions of the events and where you can find them the morning of October 28.

For more information on this year’s Free Streets, click here.

Kids Safety Zone

The Vision Zero Alliance, a coalition spearheaded by the Bicycle Coalition, is proud to partner with The City of Philadelphia’s Vision Zero Taskforce, and the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS)to host a Vision Zero Safety Zone at the intersection of 5th and Germantown Avenue along the Philly Free Streets route. Kids and adults will receive a “passport” to participate in five stations focusing on all aspects of roadway safety:

Pedestrian Zone: kids and their grown-ups will identify safe travel behavior from holding a grown-ups hand when crossing the street, to wearing helmets with using a scooter, making eye contact with drivers before crossing, and walking without distraction of phones or other devices.

Car Zone: Kids will learn about automobile stopping distances at different speeds, emphasizing the fact that higher speeds cause more serious pedestrian injuries when a person is struck. Through a kinesthetic activity that has them stop after walking, jogging, and running, they will learn the concept that the faster you are traveling, the more time it takes to stop.

Truck Zone: Kids will learn about the “no-zones” of large vehicles like trucks and buses and how to behave safely when crossing in front of a large vehicle or bicycling beside one.

Bicycle Zone: Kids will learn about bicycle helmet fit, how to perform an ABC safety check, and the “3 B’s” of bicycling: Be Responsible, Be Predictable, and Be Visible.

Safety Wheel: For kids, they can turn in their passport for a prize and for adults, they can spin a safety wheel and answer a traffic-safety question to win their own prize!

For more information about the City and its partner’s Vision Zero efforts, visit

Group Ride

Additionally, the Better Bike Share Partnership and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Education team will host two group rides — one going south, one going north.

“The Better Bike Share Partnership is going to be exploring Philly Free Streets the best way possible – on bike,” notes Greg Young, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Education Programs Manager. “We’re leading a ride at 9:30am from the middle of the Free Streets Route (6th and Berks, by Cousin’s Supermarket) down the open streets to the heart of the action and programming at 3rd and Chestnut. Participants will be able to enjoy the event and have the option of riding back up with us at 11:30am from 3rd and Chestnut back up to 6th and Berks.”

Registration links are here:

Southbound Ride – 9:30am at 6th and Berks

Northbound Ride – 11:30am at 3rd and Chestnut

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