On Monday, June 26th, HB 1284 (Automated Speed Enforcement Legislation) was called up for a vote on the House Floor and passed 141 to 62.

This bill would make the automated enforcement program in Philadelphia permanent and to expand it by making it permissible on other roads in Philadelphia that meet approval of PennDOT and City Council.  The bill also authorizes speed enforcement around school zones and enforcement of failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights.

Now that HB 1284 and HB 1283 (Parking protected bike lanes) have passed out of the House, they will be assigned a committee in the Senate and will have to be brought up for a vote in committee, followed by a final vote on the Senate floor before being sent back to the House. Currently, there is one more session day left (June 30th) on the Senate calendar before they go on recess for the summer. Though we are hopeful that these bills will get attention, it most likely won’t move until September.

Similar to Rep. Ed Neilson’s bill (HB 1284), Senators Argall and Schwank also introduced legislation (SB 748) that would make the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program on Roosevelt Boulevard and the Work Zone program permanent but currently doesn’t expand the ASE program to other roads in Philadelphia County. SB 748 passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday, June 27th with a note from both Chairman Langerholc and Minority Chair Flynn that the bill is missing the expansion section.

Thank you Representative Neilson, Senator Argall, Senator Schwank, Senator Langerholc, and Senator Flynn for moving forward this life saving legislation! We look forward to working together in the Fall.

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