Loading bikes on the Piedmont Train in Raleigh, NC. Source: Institute for Transportation Research and Education on Flickr

The Pennsylvanian is a once a day train that travels from NY Penn Station to Union Station in Pittsburgh via Philadelphia and is partially subsidized by PennDOT. Amtrak began expanding bike access in 2016 with the launch of bike service on the Washington to Chicago Capitol Limited.

Today, Amtrak allows bicycles on 29 routes and, as of October 1st, is now accepting bicycles for the Pennsylvanian train at the following stations:

  • NY Penn Station
  • Newark Penn Station
  • 30th St Station
  • Harrisburg
  • Altoona Station
  • Johnstown Station
  • Pittsburgh Union Station

The easiest way to reserve space for your bike is to purchase your ticket online When you make your reservation you will see a bike symbol and the number of bike spaces available. We made this map to help people plan their trips by combining Amtrak Bike Accessible Stations with regional trails. Most significantly for this route it solves the logistical problem for people who want to bike one way on the GAP Trail and the C&O Canal towpath from Pittsburgh to Washington DC.

PennDOT and Amtrak are currently looking at adding bicycle racks to Keystone Line Trains.

The Keystone is regular unreserved commuter service to Lancaster and Harrisburg and as well as New York City.

If and when this service begins to operate we expect that bicycles will be accepted (space permitting) at any station on the line.

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