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Delaware Avenue and Allen St. (Photo: Denis Devine)

Editor’s note: We sent this email to all 1,195 people who signed our petition with 5th Square this summer, calling for protection on Delaware Avenue to help curb the egregious parking in the bike lane.

This summer, we received an overwhelming response from Philadelphians like you who wanted to see additional protection on the newly-paved and re-striped Delaware Avenue bike lane.

1,195 of you joined our petition calling for Delaware Avenue protection—especially at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Allen Street, where motorists regularly pull up in the bike lane to grab food from a local restaurant, despite the restaurant having its own parking lot.

Your calls for a safer Delaware Avenue were heard. Over the weekend, the most egregious section of street received flex post protection.

Bicycle Coalition

“Before” (Photo: Denis Devine)

Thank you for your advocacy. This is an important win, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

The advocacy for Delaware Avenue is not complete. In the spring, we plan on seeing the rest of the flex post protection installed, to Spring Garden Street, and we will continue monitoring this section of street to make sure the flex posts are working.

Enforcement needs to step up. The Philadelphia Parking Authority are making “additional passes at this location when on their patrols,” as they stated, publicly. The Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability has additionally noted they have asked the Philadelphia Police Department to issue tickets here.

We need you with us as we launch our advocacy for more protection on Delaware Avenue. We recently launched a membership drive to reach 200 new members, and I’m hoping you’ll join today. Our member base is critical to the success of our work.

Your membership contribution gives us the financial support to work to mobilize cyclists & safe streets advocates, collect data, and release reports that show why this issue is critical. It also puts you on our dues-paying member rolls, which shows our elected officials that we have strength and numbers behind us.

Thank you again for signing on in support of safer streets. We look forward to partnering with you on continuing to make Delaware Avenue safer, and we hope you can become a member today.

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