Bicycle Coalition

Survivor Ted Achorn gets emotional when recounting the assault on his riding club.

Members and community supporters of the Huntington Bike Club (HBC) will converge tonight at 7pm at the site of a recent hit-and-run crash in Central PA.

An investigation is under way, but it appears that the motorist intentionally swerved into a group of cyclists on an otherwise empty road, putting one in serious condition at a local hospital, and injuring several others. Charges of aggravated assault have been filed.

The event will recast the spotlight on the assault, which is falling out of media attention. HBC members will commemorate the assault by placing three red bicycles at the site, similar to the white “ghost bikes” that are often used to indicate a location where a cyclist lost her/his life.


Monday July 31st
Colebrook and West Lawn, South Londonderry Township.

Three HBC members/supporters will be on hand to give brief remarks.

Those with last minute questions should contact HBC Treasurer Dick Norford at 717-460-4684.

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