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#UnblockBikeLanes: (IL)Legal Sunday Parking

  In January, we published the initial findings of our #UnblockBikeLanes campaign with the Philadelphia Parking Authority. The campaign, begun in late 2013, was created using social media—specifically Twitter—to show the PPA where cars and trucks are blocking bike lanes, directly from those cyclists and pedestrians affected by the obstructionist motor vehicles. What we found […]

So, How Did #UnblockBikeLanes Work Out?

You tweeted, we listened. In November 2013, after beginning a dialogue with the Philadelphia Parking Authority about illegal vehicle parking in city bike lanes, we suggested the PPA embark on a social media campaign to hear citizen complaints directly. In December, that campaign—on Twitter, with the hashtag #unblockbikelanes—began. The goal was for PPA to gather information […]

Bike Lane Violations Increase 127 Percent Over 2 Years

The Philadelphia Parking Authority recently provided its latest numbers for people who drive motor vehicles violating the law by parking in bike lanes to the Bicycle Coalition. The good news: Ticketing motor vehicles in bike lanes has gone way, way up since 2014. The bad news: Well, tickets don’t really seem to be deterring frequent […]

New Petition Takes on Bike Lane Parking on Spruce and Pine

A new petition on is calling for better parking enforcement of Spruce and Pine Streets on Sundays. “Center City drivers park in the bike lanes on 13th Street, Spruce Street, and Pine Street every Sunday,” reads the petition, created by Travis Arterburn. “There are signs up and down all three of these lanes that read […]

Response for Cyclist Injured by Construction Bike Lane Blockage ‘Overwhelming’

There are posters up all over West Philadelphia, depicting a series of machines and construction barrels blocking the bike lane at 43rd and Baltimore Ave. “Investigating Bicycle Crash Caused by Construction Project Blocking Bike Lane” reads the poster, asking anyone who knows anything about a June 18th crash to contact Stuart Leon, a Philadelphia attorney […]

Bike Lane Violation Bill Sounds Good, but Devil is in the Details

Republican Councilman David Oh introduced a bill yesterday which would sharply increase the fine for cars parked in bike lanes—a regular, daily occurrence that is both annoying and dangerous for city cyclists. Unfortunately, the bill also includes vague language which would undo many wins for road users and puts cyclists in increased danger. The main crux […]

The Parking Authority Follows Up on Blocked Bike Lane Complaints

The Parking Authority has given us the preliminary results of the #unblockbikelanes Twitter campaign and has promised us additional measures to improve the enforcement of parking restrictions in bike lanes. This past December, we helped the Philadelphia Parking Authority launch a Twitter campaign to identify which bike lanes are most chronically blocked by motor vehicles. The PPA […]

Trader Joe’s Gets Their Own Awareness Cones

Back in April, we told you about how awareness cones were actually making a small difference at 20th and Market in Philadelphia. For too long, cars pulling into the tiny Trader Joe’s parking lot in Center City were blocking the bike lane along that street, making the conditions dangerous and largely unpassable for cyclists, and while we […]

How Awareness Cones are Making Trader Joe’s Safer

The so-called “awareness cones” littered throughout Philadelphia have become a pretty great joke in the Twitterverse this spring — “a cone placed at the site of damaged or dangerous infrastructure to alert people instead of actually fixing the problem. A Philly special” — and you don’t have to travel far to see cones strategically placed […]

Spruce and Pine Streets

The buffered bike lanes on Spruce St and Pine St through Center City Philadelphia are two of the busiest bike lanes in Philadelphia, and an example of how bicycle lanes can transform streets for the better.