After nearly 10 years when we first suggested the idea to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, a bicycle patrol unit is starting its first day of work on May 1, 2023.

Eight officers, who were trained by the Philadelphia Police Department, will start ticketing illegally parked cars in bike lanes this coming Monday.  There will be a “launch event” at 11:15 am at 233 West Washington Square.  You are invited!

The new unit will cover bike lanes in Center City, University City, and South Philadelphia.  These officers were already employed by the PPA and volunteered to be trained on bicycles.

Although we first suggested to PPA that they put enforcement officers on bikes to better patrol Spruce and Pine in 2014, it wasn’t until former Policy Director Randy LoBasso began working with Former PPA Board member Al Schmidt on how to realize the idea that it started to take shape.  Commissioner Schmidt and Randy worked up the idea of a  pilot in 2021.  Commissioner Schmidt made this one of his last requests before he left the Board that the PPA commit to carrying out the idea.  Last May, the program was committed to and yesterday, the unit was introduced to the world at a press conference.

On Monday, May 1st, the unit will have a “launch event” at 233 West Washington Square at 11:15am.  All are welcome to attend!

Anyone can report motor vehicles parked in bike lanes by calling 215-683-9773 or tweet at @philapark with #UnblockBikeLanes


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