Bicycle Coalition

Pictured: Illegal on PennDOT roads, for some reason

In late December last year, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia wrote a letter to PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards urging PennDOT’s General Counsel to revise its 2017 decision that PennDOT will not permit the installation of parking protected bike lanes on state roads.

We believe that this decision not only impedes the installation of state-of-the-art protected bike lanes for municipalities looking to implement better safety designs, it also negatively impacts public safety, incurs unnecessary expenses by municipalities, and distracts from finding solutions for the oncoming transportation crisis.

In the past, PennDOT has ignored preferred improved safety designs from municipalities such as York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, and implemented their (PennDOT) own infrastructure, leaving alternative designs to be installed and funded by municipalities.

Read the entire letter here. We are still waiting to hear back from PennDOT, and, if they do not respond or respond negatively, will take further action.

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