Bicycle Coalition

The City (Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems) is presenting to the Boards of CCRA and WashWest about their plan for Spruce & Pine Bike lanes as follow ups to the early April public meetings, tonight.

OTIS is seeking letters of support from two civic associations (Washington West and Center City Residents Association), per requests from the Councilmembers, before they submit ordinances to move parking from side of the street to the other.

We urge BCGP members/supporters who live in the catchment areas of either civic association to either attend the meeting or send them an email expressing your support for the plan to switch the bike lane from the right to the left side of the street.

Please also express support for “no stopping” parking regulations during the morning and evening peak hours.

If you don’t live in the area, but want to weigh in, an email is the best way to get involved.

Center City Residents Association (catchment area)
Tuesday, May 8th – 6:30 PM
Benjamin’s Desk
1608 Walnut, 12th Floor

Washington West Civic Association (catchment area)
Tuesday, May 8th – 7pm
Bluemle Life Sciences Building on Jefferson’s Campus, Room 101

Our representatives also need to hear from you.

So click here to sign our petition for better Spruce and Pine Streets in 2018, including protected intersections and “No Stopping” enforcement during rush hour.

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