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Last night the Burlington County Freeholders adopted the resolution in support of completing 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025, becoming the ninth and final county in the Philadelphia region to get on board. The County also became the 100th government in the region to adopt the resolution, so we had all the more reason to celebrate.

Put another way, 5.7 million people are now represented by governments who have officially voiced support for speeding up the rate of construction of our vital trail network.

Now the focus shifts towards leveraging this overwhelming support into action! We will fight to get more resources dedicated to trail funding, design and construction by local, county and state agencies.

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Click here to sign the 500/2025 online petition.

Leonard Bonarek


In 2016, Leonard entered his third career: city planning. Previous to joining Bicycle Coalition, he had 7 years’ experience working in social services, and 10 years’ hard labor in the maritime industry, in addition to several years of intern and volunteer experience with our organization and Neighborhood Bike Works.

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