Last week, BCYC’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) made a significant mark at the Philly Bike Expo, showcasing their unique perspectives on cycling. Two of our YAC members, Azalea and Mamady, took center stage at a seminar during the expo.

Mamady’s presentation centered around the theme of perseverance, while Azalea delved into the topic of exploration. Both speakers captivated the audience with personal anecdotes that supported their perspectives. Their presentations marked the culmination of our 10+ sessions in the YAC development series, demonstrating the growth and development of our youth leaders.

Leading up to the event, YAC members received valuable training from a special guest, Kim Ross, who focused on enhancing their networking skills and sharing essential practices. Azalea and Mamady also worked closely  and co-presented with the National Youth Bike Council.

Following their presentations, Azalea and Mamady actively participated in selling T-shirts at the BCYC table, putting their newly acquired networking skills to the test. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to engage with attendees and further promote the Program.

The Philly Bike Expo provided an opportunity for our YAC members to share their insights and actively contribute to the cycling community. Their involvement demonstrates the dedication and passion of our youth leaders, and we are incredibly proud of their achievements.

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