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Bike in Philly

The City of Philadelphia has banned tailgating in the stadium parking lots and FDR Park this weekend, as the Eagles play their first home game of 2020.

That means, for Sunday only, there will be no motor vehicles in FDR Park. Motor vehicles are banned.

Some are bummed, some don’t care, some are taking the opportunity to use the park the way it was originally intended: A park for people!

Our friends at Friends of FDR Park are using the ban on motor vehicles to invite folks from all over the city to “bike, walk, skate, take the train, pull out your kid’s Razor scooter…” for a safe, clean day at FDR.

FDR will be car-free this Sunday, 9/20! Bike, walk, skate, take the train, pull out your kid's Razor scooter… Get…

Posted by Friends of FDR Park on Friday, September 18, 2020

As noted above, FDR Park, located at 1500 Pattison Avenue and South Broad Street in South Philadelphia, has 350 acres of lakes, meadows and trails. Parks are for people, and a car-free Sunday will be a great way to experience this park as it should be experienced.


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